Right Direction Fellowship

“The Integrity Connection”

Vision and Objective:

The vision of the R.D.F is to provide a covering, network, and fellowship for pastors and/or ministers who are led by the spirit of God to connect with Dr. Herbert Bailey as a spiritual father and/or mentor for the purpose of accountability, mentoring, and/or instruction in principles of ministry impact and growth.

Benefits of R.D.F

  1. Increase through association*
  2. Spiritual accountability
  3. Access to resources necessary for continuous growth
  4. Spiritual counsel
  5. Impartation of anointing
  6. Fellowship with pastors/ministers of “like precious faith”
  7. Monthly R.D.F ministry letter and tape of the month
  8. Preferred seating at special events and conferences

Join Us

If you’d like to become a part of the Right Direction Fellowship or would like us to contact you with further information, please click here download the form below and fax it back to us at  (803) 798-4337 , Attention Minister Amber Ochoa.