Right Direction Ministerial Fellowship

“The Integrity Connection”

Vision and Objective:

The vision of the R.D.M.F. is to provide a covering, network, and fellowship for pastors and/or ministers who are led by the spirit of God to connect with Dr. Herbert Bailey as a spiritual father and/or mentor for the purpose of accountability, mentoring, and/or instruction in principles of ministry impact and growth.

Benefits of R.D.M.F.

  1. Increase through association*
  2. Spiritual accountability
  3. Access to resources necessary for continuous growth
  4. Spiritual counsel
  5. Impartation of anointing
  6. Fellowship with pastors/ministers of “like precious faith”
  7. Monthly R.D.M.F. ministry letter and tape of the month
  8. Preferred seating at special events and conferences

Download RDMF Application