Day 27 – Prepare for the Promise

“…Go, borrow vessels from everywhere, from all your neighbors — empty vessels: do not gather just a few.” (2 Kings 4:3)

In 2000, our church was barely four years old. We were in a little building that seated 150 people and I was believing that God would give us a new facility with seating capacity for at least 300 people. As I prayed about this, the Lord asked me a question: “If I gave you a 300 seat capacity building today, where would the people sit?” The problem was I only had 150 chairs, so even if I got a larger facility, I still would have no place to seat the people. God was challenging me to prepare for what I was believing. So before we even got a larger facility, we purchased 300 seats to prepare for our new building, then God gave us the larger facility.

In the above-referenced scripture, the widow woman cried to the prophet to help her because she was in debt and the creditors were coming to take her sons away as collateral until the debt was paid. The prophet told her to go borrow vessels (glasses, cups, pots, etc.) in preparation of God filling them with oil that she would be able to sell to pay her debt. Are you preparing for your promise or are you just wishing, praying, and believing without preparation? If you really believe that you will receive what you have asked then start doing what you can do now, where you are, to prepare for where you are going.

Do as much as you can in the natural and then believe God for the supernatural. Before building construction begins, plans are designed. Before a baby is born, the nursery is prepared. Before a pilot takes off from the runway, a flight plan is developed. All these are acts of preparation. Preparation is your sweat equity in God’s plans for your life.

I believe with you that as you prepare for your promise, God will accelerate it and quickly bring it into manifestation in your life. Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!

Faith Stretching Exercises:

1. Think of something that you can do in preparation for God’s promise in your life.
2. Do something to make room for what God is about to bring into your life.