Day 19 – God’s Pill

“For they are life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh.” Prov. 4:22

When I was in a teenager, I would get a strep throat every year until the doctor told me if I get a strep throat again, I would have to have my tonsils removed. Since I was afraid of surgery, I started saying: “I will never, ever get a strep throat again.” It has been almost 40 years and I have never again had a strep throat. Without even knowing scripture, I was using the power of positive confession.

One of the most famous quotes by Benjamin Franklin reads: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Such is the case with confessing God’s word of healing over your life every day. Likewise speaking God’s Word of healing [before we are ever sick or even have symptoms] can keep us healthy. This takes nothing away from the practice of natural medicine but God’s Word is also supernatural medicine when we meditate on it and confess it over our life and over our bodies. I once heard a noted Pastor refer to God’s Word as “God’s Pill.”

We should take “God’s Pill” every day. Wake up every day and declare: “Today, I am covered by the blood of Jesus. Sickness and disease is far from me. I declare that every system of my body operates at its optimum level and any germ, sickness, or disease that tries to attack my body is rendered powerless by the healing power of Jesus Christ.” You have healing to gain and sickness to lose. This is “God’s Pill.”

Finally, I want to encourage to you to take “God’s Pill,” the medicine of God’s Word, every time you hear about some type of disease, or epidemic that others may even be dying from, i.e. “the flu.”

Faith Stretching Exercises:
Make a “God’s Pill” confession based upon the following scriptures:
1. Psalm 107:20
2. Psalm 91:7
3. Matt. 8:8