Day 3 – Expectation

“And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.” Acts 3:5
It has been said that “expectation is the breeding ground for miracles.” I once heard the story of a man who came in the healing line to be prayed for by a noted healing evangelist. The man walked toward the evangelist limping and assisted by cane. As he stood in front of the evangelist, he asked the man: “Do you expect God to heal you today?” The man responded: “No!” The evangelist looked at the man and said: “well limp on then.”

I’m sure you are wondering whether or not it’s appropriate to laugh at this story but the point remains that if there is no expectation, then faith is a waste of time. Expectation fuels your faith. You must expect things to change. You must expect to receive answers to your prayers. You must expect to get out of debt. You must have expectation with your faith and faith with your expectation.

In the scriptural passage referenced above, Peter and John were on their way into the temple when they came across a disabled beggar. When Peter and John spoke to him, the Bible tells us that he listened with expectation. I’m sure that he was expecting to receive financial assistance but he ended up receiving even more. He was completely healed of his disability. He expected one thing but he received even more than he expected. Sometimes, we don’t know exactly what God will do or how He will do it but I want to encourage you to stay in expectation and expect God to do something about your situation.

Faith Stretching Exercise:

1. If there is a situation and circumstance that you have given up expectation, get
your expectation up again and take it to the Lord in prayer.
2. Start confessing what you are expecting God to do.
3. Believe God to do even more than you expect.