Day 11 – Consistency

“And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him,
though he bear long with them?” Luke 18:7

It has been said that “consistency is the key to breakthrough.” However, there is this
earthly thing called “time” that seems to conflict with “consistency.” When you have been consistently doing something but nothing seems to change, time shouts at us and says “stop,” “do something else,” because “this isn’t working.” Someone even defined insanity as “doing the same thing but expecting different results.”

So how do we navigate through the elements of consistency, time, and insanity? The answer is faith in what God said. It is one thing to just wish but biblical faith is based upon what God said in His Word or to your spirit (rhema), not just what you are wishing.

The above-referenced scripture is the principle taught from the woman who went before an “unjust judge” for justice against someone who had wronged her. The Bible describes the judge as one who neither had regard for God, nor man. Yet because this woman was consistent and insistent, she kept showing up asking the judge to give her justice and rule in her favor. Though he didn’t do it because he cared or had any empathy for the woman, he eventually gave her justice because she “got on his nerves.”

I think many people miss the point of this story. The judge answered the woman because he was tired of her asking and got “weary” of her. However, I think the main point is that God never gets weary of us and we don’t get on his nerves. He will answer us because of his love for us and our persistence to continue to believe and come to him in faith. This story ends with a question: “…when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith in the earth?”

God wants you to be consistent in your faith until you receive the manifestation because
“consistency is the key to breakthrough.”

Faith Stretch Exercises:
1. Read the complete passage from Luke 18:1-8 from the Message paraphrase.
2. Everytime a negative thought comes, cast in down and remind God that you are
still standing in faith and expecting to receive your manifestation.
3. Make your confession everyday of the things that you are believing God to do.